About the “Momini Dvori” tavern

MEHANA “MOMINI DVORI” – a combination of style, taste, original design, pleasant atmosphere and perfect cuisine

Mehana “Momini Dvori” opened doors for the first time on 1 May, 1970 . It was the first of its kind in Bansko and the region, and since the very beginning of its existence until today it has always had a power of attraction for true connoisseurs, people of exquisite taste.

No doubt, back in those days as well as today, this is the most beautiful and coziest mehana, created for you Dear Guests, because the legend is alive and it must go on…


We offer all the tasty dishes from the Bulgarian and European cuisine, taking up the challenge to satisfy the pretensions even of the most capricious clients. Our menu includes fresh salads, warm soups, vegetarian dishes, all kinds of potato “airs and graces” and chicken “relish”, a la minutes, gyuveche, veal and pork specialties, specialties from Bansko, lamb dishes, sach, fish, broiled meat delicacies, appetizers, original desserts. On advance order we offer roasted piglet , lamb St. George style, stewed rabbit, wild duck, and all other kinds of tasty dishes cooked by our master chef.

The excellent assortment of the best Bulgarian white and red wines, the wide selection of rakia, brand and aged whiskey and many other kinds of aperitif will contribute to the good taste of your dinner.

f you wish to gain an exact idea about our menu, just click here.

Why we are different

Capacity – The Mehana has altogether 180 seats, 110 from which are indoors, and a summer terrace with 70 seats more suitable for the warm days. We can organize your wedding, anniversary party as well as any other events or parties.

Ние можем да организираме Вашата сватба, юбилей, както и всякакви други тържества.

The design – Mehana “Momini Dvori” is an original combination of wood, white parget and volcano stone, which cannot be seen anywhere else in Bansko. Unlike other restaurants, which are located in the basement of a house, “Momini Dvori” is situated on the ground floor, is richly lit with light during day and night, and has a spacious view towards the central square.

The ideas – In our restaurant you will not see the typical for all the other local mehanas “cherga” on the walls and on the tapestry of benches and chairs, but will be able instead to enjoy sitting on benches upholstered in real “kozliak”, and on the walls you will find true pieces of art – woodcarvings, Gobelins and hand-knit pana. The “valevitsa” located right in the middle gives a slight exotic look of the restaurant while creating at the same time a feeling of mountain stillness.

The cuisine – we are the only Mehana in Bansko with an open demonstration kitchen. Our clients can at any moment watch the cooking of their dish, monitor on the hygiene in the kitchen, the proper and clean look of the cooks, as well as the cutlery and technique used. All the processes going on in the kitchen of “Momini Dvori” can be witnessed by the exacting eye of our client.

The summer garden – The restaurant has a huge summer garden located in a wonderful place such as is undoubtedly the central square “Nikola Vaptzarov”. Flecked with many flowers, greenery, small trees and different kinds of plants, the decorative fine bamboo fence and the tender lights at night turn the garden into a heavenly place, ideal for your relaxation and recreation. From here you can also become a spectator of all kinds of events taking place in Bansko such as the Jazz Festival, Pirin Folk Fest and many others.

The music – In our restaurant you will always hear pleasant music, which caresses the ear and gives you the chance to carry on your conversation at ease. For the wild party nights we also offer live music performed by intelligent singers.

* There are many other things, which differentiate us from the others and make us unique, but you’d better come and see for yourself.