The legend called Momini Dvori

Wellcome to the magic called „Momini Dvori”

Once upon a time, in the remote pagan times, people believed in god Perun, who lived in the most beautiful mountain. However, when Christianity was adopted everywhere, god Perun withdrew to the highest place in the mountain, which was named after him – Perin.

The pagan god Perun lived together with his sister Perunika – an unrivalled beauty, shining brighter than the Sun. So beautiful she was, and thrice more hard-working – she never took a rest, never stood idle. All through the winter she wove cloth sheets and in early spring she came down to the big Pirin lake to whiten them, and then hung them on the near-by peak to dry. Since that time the mountain peak has been named Momini dvori.

Mehana “Momini Dvori” opened doors for the first time on May 1st, 1970. It was the first of its kind in Bansko and the region, and since the very beginning of its existence until today it has always had a power of attraction for true connoisseurs, people of exquisite taste.
No doubt, back in those days as well as today, this is the most beautiful and cosiest mehana, created for you Dear Customers, because the legend is alive and it must go on …