Mehana Momini Dvori

Christmas menu

On the eve of the Christmas spirit, we will create a culinary magic


For a start.....
  Homemade dishes. And more .... in the background
  Pastoral salad / with peeled tomatoes in addition to roasted peppers, crunchy bacon, homemade ayvar , baked sheep cheese with walnuts, honey dressing and bread /

In the real part, we will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy homemade sheep cheese along with 3 kinds of nuts accompanied by homemade cherries in the marsala, which will enchant your senses and trigger your curiosity for more of our delights in the workshop of " Momini Dvori "

For main dish:
  Freshly stuffed turkey breasts, garnished with homemade jam, captivating taste, preparing for a happy ending .....

  Roasted pumpkin, surprised with copper dressing, combined with the romantic marsala, which subtle hints at the touch of a pungent flavor.

Razyadka 150 gSalad 300 g / Main course 300 gDessert 100 g

Aperitif 50 g. of a choice drink
Wine 200 ml.
Soft drink 1 pc. optionally


Price per person: 65 BGN        







Momini Dvori

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